What makes us different? We help share the pleasure of living in your new city !

We shoulder the logistical burden for your employees and their families, and help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Our aim is for them all to quickly feel “at home” by being

A Paris 21TV survey of 770 foreigners transferred to Paris in September 2014 shows that:
Even the most basic formalities can be complicated in France!

The French are not easy to understand when you do not know their customs and habits:


Talent sourcing and the wealth of multiculturalism imply a search for talent abroad or from other areas in France. We are there to help your employees and their families settle in quickly so that they can be fully operational when they take up their new job.
A serene employee is an efficient one, fully concentrated on his take of office.

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Mobility abroad or from another region is an exciting prospect, but it can cause stress. We are there to help shoulder the physical and administrative burdens that can distract their attention from their new job, giving him the codes to rise to the challenge.

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While your employees focus on coming to grips with their new work environment, their families too must find their bearings in a new city and country. It’s even more complicated for them…
We help them feel at home in their new lives quickly.

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